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ABC-TEAM - Metallprogramm

99Technical changes reserved! Galvanised steel sides Ventilation is designed into every ramp to allow for ade- quate air flow. All our ramps are fully enclosed to prevent trash collection and unwanted access. Safety rails Heavy duty, hot galvanised steel safety rails, built to last for ever. Vertical solid bars contain flying skateboards and unlike horizontal pickets they are very difficult to climb. Toeplates Hot galvanised steel toeplates with a lower approach angle. Coping Hot galvanised 3 mm thick steel tube to grind on. The surface behind this coping is protected with a steel grindplate, BMX pegs can not damage the surface. Galvanised steel edge protections All inclined outside edges are protected by rounded (5mm (1/4“)) galvanised steel profiles mounted flush with the skate surface. This unique edge protection not only protects the surface edges, but also minimizes the effect of an impact on the skaters. Transition protection All the transitions of our ramps are protected with a gal- vanised steel transition plate, mounted flush with the surface. With no gaps or sharp edges, our transitions skate smoother and safer. Aluminium profiles Used for non-skateable edges, they give the ramps a quality finish. Seam protections All vertical seams in the riding surface are covered with a hot galvanised steel seam protection, mounted flush with the surface. This unique solution creates a smoo- ther riding surface and protects the inside edges of the surface. Quality features 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 8 9 11 totototo eeeeeeeeveveveveveveveveryryryry ram mps are fully 1 hohohottttt gagagagagagagagalvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvananis tical solid 2 ededed sssssssteteteteteteteteteteelelelelelelelel toe 3 ededed 33333333333 mmmmmmmm th nd this co 4 rorotetetetetetetetetetetetetetectctctctctctctctctctctctctctctededededededededededededededed bby ofiles mou 5 urururururururur rrrrrrrrrrramamamamamamamamamamamampsps a on plate, 6 HPL ground contact strips The side panels are supported by 6 mm (1/4“) HPL strips to allow a good ventilation together with the ventilation holes in the side panels. Stainless steel screws All the screws have a specially designed, double asym- etric thread. These screws hold 40% better than normal screws and won`t come loose under mechanical pressu- re. Anti-vandalism heads prevent disassembling. Riding surface The quality of this specially developed riding surface is with a durability compareble to steel. This surface has a perfect grip on the skate wheels, it´s very impact and gouge resistant, it´s fire resistant, absorbs no water and it doesn´t burn your skin when you slide on the ramps. Under our riding surface you can find a glassfibre re- inforced PP-underlay, to reduce the noise as much as possible. Grindrails We have kinked, straight, rectangular and round grin- drails in a number of different configurations. The ends of all our grindrails are curved down to minimize the ef- fect of an impact. lelelelelelelelelelelele eeeeeeeeeeeeedgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdgdges, 7 ththeeeeee ririririririririririririridididididididididididididingngngng s el seam pr 8 teteteteddddddddddd bybybybybybybybybybybybyby 66666666 m together w 9 iaiaiallllllllllllllyyyyyyy dededededededededededededesisign hold 40% be 10 hihissssss spspspspspspspspspspspecececececececececially compareb 11 nknknknknknknknknknkededededededededededededed,, ststra number of 12 8 11 12 3